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The German Student Who Lives in a Train

Updated Monday 21 November 2022 17:20
The German Student Who Lives in a Train
Following some issues with her Landlord, German student Leonie Müller, 23, from Stuttgart, Germany decided to buy a subscription that will enable her travel in trains for free throughout Germany. 

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She now carries everything she owns on the train with her.
And it is cheaper living in a train for her because the flat-rate ticket costs her about $380, whereas she had to pay about $450 for her previous apartment.

Müller told The Washington Post via e-mail
"It all started with a dispute I had with my landlord,I instantly decided I didn't want to live there anymore — and then I realized: Actually, I didn't want to live anywhere anymore."I want to inspire people to question their habits and the things they consider to be normal, "I really feel at home on trains, and can visit so many more friends and cities. It's like being on vacation all the time," Müller said.

And her boyfriend now seems closer to her everyday since she is on the transit and can visit him anytime she wants. Same with her grandmother and mother.

"Normally, we would have to have a long-distance relationship, but living on a train enables me to see him all the time," Müller told German TV station SWR regarding her boyfriend. "Most of my friends really like the idea, although some consider it to be quite adventurous. Others, however, have reacted more negatively: They feel offended by the fact that I question the ordinary way of life and living."

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