BREAKING: Two police Officers Injured After Shootout In Spain

Updated Thursday 6 July 2017 16:32
BREAKING: Two police Officers Injured After Shootout In Spain

TWO police officers have been injured following a shooting in Gava, Spain and the gunman is on the run.

It has been reported that the two police officers were shot by the gunman with a AK-47. 

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The authorities are looking for the gunman, who has fled the scene and has reportedly barricaded himseld in a house.

The police officers involved in the shooting in Gava, Barcelona are aged 50 and 62-years-old.

The police have said that one of the injured men is very seriously wounded.

Emergency services have surrounded a house close to the location of the shooting, where they believe the suspect has barricaded himself in. 

One of the police officers was shot in the neck.

Emergency services are at the scene. 

The local authorities have said that this event is not related to terrorism. 

Jordi Jane from the Spanish Home Office said: “With the information available, the incident in Gava is not related to terrorism.”

Police cars outside house

Police officers in Spain

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