Trump Gets Ugly About Denmark's Greenland Rejection, Calls Them 'Nasty'

Updated Thursday 22 August 2019 6:13
Trump Gets Ugly About Denmark's Greenland Rejection, Calls Them 'Nasty'
On Tuesday night the president of the United States canceled a planned trip to Denmark because its prime minister told him that the autonomous nation within its kingdom is not for sale. This made Trump extremely angry, because in his childlike brain, entire countries can be bought and bankrupt like Atlantic City casinos.

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He’d probably already pictured himself handing Greenland Premier Kim Kielsen a giant Publishers Clearing House–style check for the place and posing for photos with a shit-eating grin, a mental image we’re guessing made him almost as happy as the time he got to pretend to drive a big rig on the White House lawn. According to Trump though, he didn‘t cancel the long-planned visit because his completely ridiculous proposition—which he was actually serious about!—was rejected out of hand, but rather because he didn’t like the tone of Denmark’s voice.

“I thought that the prime minister’s statement that it was ‘absurd,’ that it was an ‘absurd’ idea, was nasty,” Trump said of Danish PM Mette Frederiksen’s comment about his would-be real estate deal. “I thought it was an inappropriate statement,” Trump told reporters. “All she had to do is say, ‘No, we wouldn’t be interested.’” He added, “I thought it was a very not nice way of saying something.”

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