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"I have spent more than N500k on hospital bills" - Victim of Police Brutality In Enugu Laments

Updated Tuesday 24 November 2020 16:15
"I have spent more than N500k on hospital bills" - Victim of Police Brutality In Enugu Laments
Mr Uche whose son, Francis Chiagozie was shot by policemen during EndSARS protest in Enugu state has disclosed to the panel that they have no fund to continue treatment of his son in hospiltal. The panel requested that he convey his son from the hospital to the Enugu State High Court for evidence so that hearing will be granted to them. 

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Today being, 24th of Nov, 2020, Mr Uche brought forth his son who was bandages on his hands and could not walk properly due to pains.

The incident happened on the 23rd of Oct 2020 at Coal Camp Enugu State. Mr Francis, a seminarian claimed he went out to buy something to eat because he could not withstand hunger due to the fact that he has ulcer. On his way back home, he got into a police shootput which led to his right arm being hit by a stray bullet.

'Two weeks ago, I came back from Apostolic work where I worked with my other colleagues. On that faithful day, when I went down to buy something to eat, I saw protesters destroying items and properties. I tried to talk to some of them but my Father had warned me not to get involved with them as they were too violent.'

'As I was returning home, I saw police armoured vehicles just opposite Access bank at Coal camp Enugu, they were shooting at the protesters randomly. As I tried to run, a man was shot dead right in front of me, just for me to turn around and seek protection, I was hit on my right shoulder where I fell and bleeded for nearly 2 hours.'

'I started calling friends and relations on phone until people gathered and took me to hospital. On the 25th of Oct, 2020, I spent N250,000 at the hospital to remove the bullet and after several surgery operations, I had spent not less than N500,000 on hospital bills which my Father had borrowed from people.'

'Tears are on my eyes as I am saying this but I really need justice to be taken urgently.'

The Chairman of the panel disclosed that the petition will be taken to an Administrative panel that will take action immediately to see that the case be brought to an end.

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